Sunday, June 13, 2010


I made a trip to the Jersey shore this weekend to see a very dear friend, Eve for her birthday!  I have previously taken the train and enjoyed to 4 hour ride immensely!  I can read my book, surf the Internet, work on layouts for new card designs, etc. I forgot decided to wait until a few days before the departure date to look at fares.  Over $200 for a weekend train trip to NJ!  I think if I looked a little harder, I could have found a flight to Newark cheaper!  So, plan B began to emerge.  Drive.  I have a lovely green Jeep Wrangler that I just *adore* driving!  It's a 5-speed and  the soft top can be taken off within a matter of minutes and I have a cute little convertible!  Hey, it's a no brainer...I'm driving to Jersey. 

I discussed arrangements with Eve and even posted my plans on Facebook.  In just a few minutes after that posting, I receive a response from another dear friend, Patti (aka Miss P), "Are you driving?  When are you passing through CT?"  I smiled and quickly decided a detour was in the works.  Arrangements were made for me to make a quick stop through CT on my way to NJ. I haven't seen Miss P for a few months and  this seemed like another no-brainer!! (Miss Patti and I went to high school together.  Stay with me here...I'm laying the background for you!!)

So, Saturday morning I get to Miss P's house a few minutes before 10am and after saying hello to her adorable pup, Aggie, her niece and son and after getting a big hug from Miss P she says, "Guess what?  I found some goodies for you!"  Now, she's always finding little embellishments that she will never use (so she says!) and passes them onto me.  I've used a lot of those embellishments for my scrapbooks and cards.  I have 6-7 little packages of embellishments left from the last batch she gifted me.   I'm excited to see what goodies she has decided to gift me with but I never imagined all of the items she had!!

There are at least 15 different punches!  Flowers, dragonfly, flowerpots, purse and a shoe to name just a few!  I love punches!  My die cut machine was a gift and that is what started me into my lovely business of Purple Vine Design.  I have so many ideas from these lovely punches.  I can't wait to get started!  But...wait....THERE'S MORE!!

She brings out this HUGE Ziploc bag of embellishments!  There are little houses, flip-flop sandals, bathing suits, flamingos, airplanes, fire engines, cherries, lady bugs, flowers and more!  All of these are adorable little appliques and work lovely on cards!    There are also package upon package of photo corner adornments.  I have so many ideas what to do with these little stickers that I can't wait to get started using them!

These adorable little purple flowers are going to be great for some personal stationary for myself!  (I can do that right??  :-)  )   These little martini glasses have become my favorite, too!  I'm not quite sure what I can do with them but I know I'll find something fun!!

That's all the eye candy I'm going to show you tonight.  But I need to give a shout out to Miss Patti at Easton Place Designs.   She has become a very dear friend.  She was the one to encourage me to start Purple Vine Design.  She made my adorable little banner and avatar that I use for my Etsy shop and she also created my background for my Twitter page.  She has been a great inspiration for me to create my lovely little cards and I value her friendship immensely!  Please pop over to her Easton Place Design Etsy shop and check out her designs!   You can also catch her on Twitter at

I'd love to know you were here!  Leave me a comment. 

~kelly jo


  1. You are SUCH a sweetheart, Kelly Jo. I'm actually blushing right now. ;) I am SO thrilled that you will be using those goodies! I can't wait to see what you make!!!!
    Happy creating, dear friend.

    Miss P

  2. How wonderful Kelly Jo! Seeing friends is always awesome, and goodies are a wonderful surprise that we appreciate so very much.

    You my dear are most definitely allowed to spoil yourself with the purple flowers. You deserve it!

    I think the martini glasses would be perfect for invitations. Leaving lines for Who, What, Where, When... etc, that would make a great set to sell.

    How fun! Can't wait to see more!


  3. I found you through Designs by Dawn Marie on her FB Fan page! Get load of goodies you got there! Looks like loads of fun!

  4. Hello from your newest follower!

    I love the goodies you got from your buddy! I need a buddy like that! :D

    I hope you will take a minute to check out my blog!

  5. Hiya Kelly Jo,
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and for your heart-warming comments.
    What a wonderfully kind and generous friend you have - not only in gifting to you so many gorgeous goodies but encouraging you on your own creative journey too.
    Big hugs
    Jo xxx