Monday, June 28, 2010


I posted these questions over on my Facebook page and I haven't gotten a lot of traffic.  It would probably help if I'd promote the page more, huh?  :-)

Lately, I've been thinking about what keeps me motivated. And lately, I have to admit, I've NOT been motivated.  The advice I gave to Miss P (over at Easton Place Designs) a few weeks ago is to set a schedule and treat your business like a job.  But, for some reason, I'm not following that same advice. 

I'd love to hear your tips and tricks. Would you answer a few questions for me?

1) Why did you decide to start your own business?

2) How do you structure your work schedule?

3) How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis? weekly? monthly?

**I had answered these questions myself but ended up deleting them.  The answers weren't motivating  and that's not the way I want to come across to my fellow crafters/designers. 

I'd love to know you were here!  Please leave a comment!

~kelly jo

Sunday, June 20, 2010


A few weeks (months?) ago, my dear online friend, Jill from The Scrapoholic asked for some volunteers for a survey panel/new business venture she was looking into.  She was offering some CTMH-Close to My Heart- papers and products to use IF you would agree to create cards, scrapbook pages, etc using said products and then send her the pictures.  Sounds easy and great and fun and...well...who doesn't like to try out new product??  I'm always looking for a challenge and since I've never heard of CTMH, I thought I'd try for a coveted spot.  She chose me along with several other lovely creators for her experiment and let me know my package was on the way! 

A couple weeks ago I received a box at my doorstep and once opened, I found some lovely papers, brads, ribbons, embellishments and oh so much more!  Now, what was I going to create!?  Since I'm primarily a card maker, that was the easiest place to start. 

Happy Holidays with Flowers  4 1/2" x 5 1/2" White Card
Green and Gold Ribbon, Happy Holiday Sentiment from CTMH
Flowers by Recollections  (Flowers have cute little rhinestones in the center)

A very simple little card using 3D foam squares by EK Success to pop the sentiment off the front of my card. 

Cherish Card,   6 1/2" x 5" White Card stock Card 

Brown, Cream and Burgundy Paper, Burgundy ribbon, Cherish sentiment and brass brad by CTMH

Butterfly Sticker by Main Street Wall Creations

This is on of my favorite cards.  I love the colors of the background paper and how they tie into the colors on the butterfly.  I used 3D foam dots by EK Success to make the butterfly pop off the front. 

Sunflowers and Bees
Bee Yourself Card  6 1/2" x 5" White card stock Card

Brown Paper background, White chipboard tag and Red Brads by CTMH

Petite Perks "Bee Yourself" Stamp set by CTMH

Sunflower and Sparkly Bee by Special Moments Scrapbooking Embellishments

Creme wire-edged ribbon by Kirkland Signature

I love this brown reminds me of leather and makes the yellow in the sunflowers more vibrant. 

Kindness Card  6 1/2" x 5" White card stock Card

Brown and Creme Paper by CTMH

Kindness Sentiment (from State of Mind Stamp Set) by CTMH

Just Blooms Flowers, Sparkly Brad and Metal Plate by CTMH

This card just happened.  I had the background and all the other embellishments laid out on the table.  I had to get up and accidentally 'bumped' the table.  When I returned, these items were laying on the card, just waiting to be glued down.  I added a pop of red color to the flower but everything else was glued as it had fallen. 

Thanks, Jill, for allowing me to use some great products!  I loved working with the paper, the embellishments, the flowers...Heck, I loved it all!  I hope my little bit of creativity helps with your business endeavor!      Check out Jill on Facebook, or at her Etsy Shop or you can even catch her on Twitter

I'd love to know you were here!  Please leave a comment!

~kelly jo

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I made a trip to the Jersey shore this weekend to see a very dear friend, Eve for her birthday!  I have previously taken the train and enjoyed to 4 hour ride immensely!  I can read my book, surf the Internet, work on layouts for new card designs, etc. I forgot decided to wait until a few days before the departure date to look at fares.  Over $200 for a weekend train trip to NJ!  I think if I looked a little harder, I could have found a flight to Newark cheaper!  So, plan B began to emerge.  Drive.  I have a lovely green Jeep Wrangler that I just *adore* driving!  It's a 5-speed and  the soft top can be taken off within a matter of minutes and I have a cute little convertible!  Hey, it's a no brainer...I'm driving to Jersey. 

I discussed arrangements with Eve and even posted my plans on Facebook.  In just a few minutes after that posting, I receive a response from another dear friend, Patti (aka Miss P), "Are you driving?  When are you passing through CT?"  I smiled and quickly decided a detour was in the works.  Arrangements were made for me to make a quick stop through CT on my way to NJ. I haven't seen Miss P for a few months and  this seemed like another no-brainer!! (Miss Patti and I went to high school together.  Stay with me here...I'm laying the background for you!!)

So, Saturday morning I get to Miss P's house a few minutes before 10am and after saying hello to her adorable pup, Aggie, her niece and son and after getting a big hug from Miss P she says, "Guess what?  I found some goodies for you!"  Now, she's always finding little embellishments that she will never use (so she says!) and passes them onto me.  I've used a lot of those embellishments for my scrapbooks and cards.  I have 6-7 little packages of embellishments left from the last batch she gifted me.   I'm excited to see what goodies she has decided to gift me with but I never imagined all of the items she had!!

There are at least 15 different punches!  Flowers, dragonfly, flowerpots, purse and a shoe to name just a few!  I love punches!  My die cut machine was a gift and that is what started me into my lovely business of Purple Vine Design.  I have so many ideas from these lovely punches.  I can't wait to get started!  But...wait....THERE'S MORE!!

She brings out this HUGE Ziploc bag of embellishments!  There are little houses, flip-flop sandals, bathing suits, flamingos, airplanes, fire engines, cherries, lady bugs, flowers and more!  All of these are adorable little appliques and work lovely on cards!    There are also package upon package of photo corner adornments.  I have so many ideas what to do with these little stickers that I can't wait to get started using them!

These adorable little purple flowers are going to be great for some personal stationary for myself!  (I can do that right??  :-)  )   These little martini glasses have become my favorite, too!  I'm not quite sure what I can do with them but I know I'll find something fun!!

That's all the eye candy I'm going to show you tonight.  But I need to give a shout out to Miss Patti at Easton Place Designs.   She has become a very dear friend.  She was the one to encourage me to start Purple Vine Design.  She made my adorable little banner and avatar that I use for my Etsy shop and she also created my background for my Twitter page.  She has been a great inspiration for me to create my lovely little cards and I value her friendship immensely!  Please pop over to her Easton Place Design Etsy shop and check out her designs!   You can also catch her on Twitter at

I'd love to know you were here!  Leave me a comment. 

~kelly jo

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm trying to set a schedule to blog, so I've decided that Sundays and Wednesdays would be good.  Well, Wednesday came and went and here it is Thursday.  Oh well, I'm trying!

I *HAD* a long list (about 13-15) ideas of blog postings.  I *HAD* this list nestled in with all my business paperwork so I wouldn't lose it.  No, I haven't *LOST*'s just...well...hiding. 

So I've made an executive decision:  This post will be about Random things (now it's about  Mind Clutter) until I can find that darn list!  :-)

I've been working on several custom orders that have needed to be done for a few days. I'm not on a deadline, so to speak, but I don't want to get lax in producing orders.  They aren't hard orders nor are they tedious or difficult.  My creative mojo has been taking a break., though.   I know a lot has to do with some personal things going on in my life.  I've had a lot of mind clutter.  I'm starting to clear it out.  And with any type of clutter, it's difficult.  There are things there that are so personal, so *you*, that you really hate to part with it.  It's a change and I've noticed as I get older, I don't like change much.   There are also people who are cluttering my life.  

Now, I don't make friends very easily.  Yes, I know, hard to believe but it's true.  I'm not sure why that is but it is what it is.  I have great cyber friendships!  I have several wonderful friends that will pop onto Twitter or Facebook and say good morning, respond back to me when I leave a less than 140 character response and just take the time to ask about a project I'm working on or how my grandchildren are doing.  I do the same for them.  I know one friend is struggling with the idea of starting her own business, taking care of her family (hubby and children and fur-babies) and working part-time outside the home.  Another has a very blessed life and thanks her lucky stars everyday for it but frets about not being a productive employee in the corporate world.  I check on them daily and they check on me.  I love that I have these wonderful, creative, crafty cyber friends!  But, alas, I've realized that my contact with my cyber friends is through a keyboard, monitor and Internet.  And while it's great to have friends all over the world, it's not the warm, fuzzy, personal friendships that I'm seeking.

I want more face-to-face friendships.  I've tried.  I've *really* tried!  I'm a very giving person by nature and although I'm a bit introverted, I try very hard to be open and friendly and available.
 I'll go more into detail about my life here on the East Coast in another blog post (maybe this weekend?) but I'm originally from the Midwest. I've been here for 2 years and although there are things I do enjoy here on the East Coast, I miss home.  I've not made any lasting friendships here except for family, and well, they have to be friends with you!  :-)  I've tried making plans for going to the beach, taking in the latest movie, or just going for coffee.  I've offered to be the designated driver, to do the driving, to visit them.  No takers.  Or those who RSVP tend to not show up or cancel.   ~shrugs~

So, the last several days has me clearing out clutter.  Not only physical clutter around my home (which I KNOW I need to do) but mind clutter-which has been VERY difficult. I've decided I'm not giving space to things and people that aren't important or don't feel I'm important to them.  As a friend posted on Facebook just this morning: 

If someone is truly worth having in your life, you will go through anything to keep them there.

I'd love to know you were here.  Please leave a comment! 

~kelly jo

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Okay, you all (yes, all three of you at the time of this blog-posting) know that I am VERY new to blogging.  There are some days I completely get absorbed in creating and I don't get on the computer!  So alas, this post is WAY OVER DUE!!  I think I'm going to have to schedule a time to update this blog to make sure it's a regular thing.  How do you do it?? 


I wanted to let you know that Purple Vine Design will be featured tomorrow on Dawn's Blog.  Dawn and I met through Twitter and we've become fast friends!!  She needed sponsers for Blogmania (happening in September); I needed to get some traffic to my site and a match was made!   

These are the cute little note cards I made for Dawn's My Favorite Things giveaway!  I'll probably add a few other little surprises, too!

You can check out Dawn here or on her Facebook page.  Thanks, Dawn, for allowing me to be a part of your great Blogmania giveaway!!

I'd love to know you stopped by...please leave a comment!

~kelly jo

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I took a trip today to Providence Open Market and what a wonderful visit it was!  So many different vendors, so many wonderful handmade items, so many wonderful artists!  I handed out quite a few of *my* business much easier than writing down all my information to be put on email lists.  (It also shows them I'm an artist, too!)


This is an absolutely gorgeous necklace by The Pebble Collection  This one uses garnet and sterling silver and I have to admit, is one of my FAVORITE items!  I checked out a few...okay, several dozen...other items she had and I kept coming back to this design.  This is definitely on my list for a birthday present!   


This adorable little doll is called Mealy Bug by may lo originals.  She is a Lil Tooth fairy Helper.  She has a cute little pocket on the front with this sweet little saying: 

In this pocket I will lay,
the little tooth I lost today.
Please, dear fairy,
tonight as I sleep
leave me a coin.
My tooth you can keep.

This is one item that is DEFINITELY on my list for the Cutie Miss C, Lil Cutie Miss C and Little Guy A!  Well, once they start losing teeth, that is! 


The best, most yummiest, tastiest bread was found today, as well!  If you get a chance, check out When Pigs Fly Bakery!  I picked up a loaf of Apple Cinnamon.  Let's just say...I'm picking up 2 loaves...well, maybe 3 loaves next week!  YUM!!

Anyone want to join me next Saturday? 

Monday, May 17, 2010


It was a wonderful weekend!! After a little bit of rain on Friday morning, the sun came out and stayed out all weekend long!

Mr. H got called into work on Saturday so I thought I'd take some time and sit outside and enjoy the sun. It didn't work that way, tho! I did, however, open all the windows and clean the house. I know, I know....clean the house on a beautiful day!? It's motivation for me! Fresh air blowing through, radio turned up (playing me some classic rock!) and dancing around the house as I dust and vacuum. You gotta have fun, right??

A few creative ideas came about, too! There are a few young ladies graduating from high school and I thought I'd make some notecards for these young ladies to use as thank you notes or even "Mom, I need money!" notes. Once I decide on the design, I'll post a picture.

Sunday took Mr. H, Miss C and I to Fairhaven, MA to visit a friend of Miss C. A nice lunch out, a trip to Phoenix Beach to watch the sail boats, an Outlet store shop-stop and finally the first visit of the season at Somerset Creamery. They have some of the best ice cream around!! Miss C was happy to be out of the house and glad to see her friend and we were happy to spend some time with Miss C.

It was a wonderful weekend!