Monday, June 28, 2010


I posted these questions over on my Facebook page and I haven't gotten a lot of traffic.  It would probably help if I'd promote the page more, huh?  :-)

Lately, I've been thinking about what keeps me motivated. And lately, I have to admit, I've NOT been motivated.  The advice I gave to Miss P (over at Easton Place Designs) a few weeks ago is to set a schedule and treat your business like a job.  But, for some reason, I'm not following that same advice. 

I'd love to hear your tips and tricks. Would you answer a few questions for me?

1) Why did you decide to start your own business?

2) How do you structure your work schedule?

3) How do you motivate yourself on a daily basis? weekly? monthly?

**I had answered these questions myself but ended up deleting them.  The answers weren't motivating  and that's not the way I want to come across to my fellow crafters/designers. 

I'd love to know you were here!  Please leave a comment!

~kelly jo


  1. Hey Kelly Jo,
    I'll be the first to tell you Motivation is the biggest challenge for self-employed people. :) Some days are much easier... others not so much.

    I tried many businesses before Jewelry and Beading found me. :) I find when I'm at my table designing a piece of jewelry, nothing in the world matters and I'm in a very blissful state.

    I am a die-hard list maker. I have to have a "To Do" list daily or I'm wandering and don't accomplish anything. And even having a list, many times the list is longer than the day. Bummer, but it's life. So the next day those are at the top.

    Something I learned a long time ago, not just in business but in life, is to daily find something you are genuinely grateful for. Focus on your gratefulness and the rest of your day will leaving you feeling uplifted and definitely more motivated. :)

    Hugs dear friend!

  2. I don't have a "business" per se in the way you probably mean, but I am a writer in search of publication, so I guess it is a business of sorts. This would certainly be the case if I do get published.

    What motivates me to keep writing, even though I'm not getting paid for it yet, is my sheer enjoyment of it. I really like it and I get a kick out of people enjoying my stories and the imaginary world I've created.

    My friends even text me about characters as if they're real people! It's an unbelievable feeling to create something that affects people like that. So, if you don't feel you're sufficiently motivated, ask yourself if what you're doing brings you real satisfaction and fulfillment. If not, you may want to explore other options.

    It's not a crime to discover what you thought you liked is not so hot after all. I was accepted into an RN program that was so competitive after many interruptions. I turned down the seat because I really want to focus on my writing. I don't regret it a second. I wasn't sufficiently motivated to put in the hard work and time into getting the RN degree, but I attend writer conferences, workshops and write almost daily because I love it. Just food for thought. Hope this helps in some way.

  3. Kelly Jo -

    While I don't YET have a full fledged business, am working on it.

    For me motivation comes from finding other like minded people. It helps to have someone out there who gets "it." If you are surrounded by people who don't support you or don't understand you goals or even can't relate, this will suck your motivation right our from under you!

    Find a buddy, someone you can turn to to share you ideas with and work through the rough patches with. Support is essential. I am very lucky, as I have a Hubby who is very supportive and my mom is my number one idea hasher. While I live a great distance from her, she is always willing to walk though things with me when I have an idea, and she gives me an honest opinion whether I want it or not.

    I have also found that Dawn (above poster) has become a great supporter as well...she believes in the dream of being free and believes in the handmade life.

    While motivation comes from many areas for my creativity to build, my biggest motivation is having a great support group to turn too when I just wanna walk away!