Monday, May 17, 2010


It was a wonderful weekend!! After a little bit of rain on Friday morning, the sun came out and stayed out all weekend long!

Mr. H got called into work on Saturday so I thought I'd take some time and sit outside and enjoy the sun. It didn't work that way, tho! I did, however, open all the windows and clean the house. I know, I know....clean the house on a beautiful day!? It's motivation for me! Fresh air blowing through, radio turned up (playing me some classic rock!) and dancing around the house as I dust and vacuum. You gotta have fun, right??

A few creative ideas came about, too! There are a few young ladies graduating from high school and I thought I'd make some notecards for these young ladies to use as thank you notes or even "Mom, I need money!" notes. Once I decide on the design, I'll post a picture.

Sunday took Mr. H, Miss C and I to Fairhaven, MA to visit a friend of Miss C. A nice lunch out, a trip to Phoenix Beach to watch the sail boats, an Outlet store shop-stop and finally the first visit of the season at Somerset Creamery. They have some of the best ice cream around!! Miss C was happy to be out of the house and glad to see her friend and we were happy to spend some time with Miss C.

It was a wonderful weekend!

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